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The Beta test for ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder can now be downloaded from here.
ColdFusion Builder:

ColdFusion 9:

We are proud to announce that we are back and offering web hosting services again. We now offer web hosting for Windows and Linux. We also offer Cold Fusion 8 hosting and look forward to rolling out ColdFusion 9 along with Adobe.

We recently updated Perl on our shared servers to version 5.8.7. Along with being the latest and most stable release of Perl, this release includes many new features such as generation of C code and support for lightweight processes. This updated version also offers multiple performance enhancements, configuration improvements and selected bug fixes. An added benefit of this upgrade is the standardization of Perl modules that are now available by default on all shared servers. This list of modules is fairly extensive and can be found on the Components page of our website located at

Holiday Special - Value Web hosting holiday special is Ready! The Hosting plans are affordable and start out at $2.95 per month. Value Pack 1 is ready for standard HTML and Value Pack 2 adds more space and features like Legacy ASP Scripting, MySQL, and Shared SSL. View more Details on our New Web Hosting Value Packs.

11.11.2005 now offers ASP.NET 2.0 web hosting on our shared servers. ASP.NET 2.0 Details.

11.08.2005 Now offers SQL Server 2005 on our shared SQL Servers. We support both SQL 2000 and 2005 simultaneously so our Customers can create and add new databases for SQL 2005 or transition from SQL 2000 databases to the newest version.

11.08.2005 is proud to annouce they were able to report 2 fake eBay sites to We had a couple spoof emails where they try to collect sensitive personal or financial information from the recipients. We were able to forward the email header and email to eBay for investigation and they have turned the sites over to the appropriate authorities. EBay has implemented a new message system for its users, check there latest announcements. If you receive an email that you think might be Spam or spoofed, please forward the message to and they will look into it. Learn More by reading there spoof tutorial.

Launched a new web design area where we allow folks to view web templates. Our intentions are to show examples for Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Flash web templates. We are currently putting them into categories.

Launched our new web site design. We are still in the process of implementing the design for our order pages. Our intention is to make the web site easier to browse for our customers and new potential customers.

We recently upgraded our shared statistics servers to SmarterStats 3.0 which features an all-new look and feel. For mail administrators, the user interface has been redesigned for easier use, including an improved home page and the addition of an intuitive sidebar for easier navigation.

Our billing interface was completed last week. It is available through your control center.
It will show your current billing status and payment history.

We have recently installed the full version of AspEmail 5.0. Asp Email is an active server component for sending e-mail messages using an external SMTP server in an ASP or VB environment. AspEmail 5.0 also supports multiple recipients, the ability to send messages in an HTML format, multiple file attachments, embedded images and sounds, non-US ASCII character sets, secure mail, high-performance message queuing and more. View Components.

Developers Web Hosting Plan is proud to announce a new plan. It will be for web developers or people wanting to test us out. It will give give you 100 MB of space and 30MB of MySQL Disk Space for PHP or 30 MB of Microsoft SQL Disk Space for ASP.NET developing.

FREE Shopping Cart eCommerce merchant account
ALL Hosting plans include a Shopping cart. It can also be designed though your Control Center and runs with a MySQL database server. It can be set up for PayPal very very easy. The Shopping Cart comes with an Administration area and the Merchant is in full control of his site and products. can also edit your web pages in an editor like DreamWeaver if you own it...and then publish the site changes, but we added an editor to the control center so that you don't have to run out and buy the software..which can be quite can also save you time and money. If you need a designer..we can also design the site, or allow your favorite web designer or webmaster to log in and make them for you. It easily integrates for most Merchants. *Hosting plans refer to our Standard Shared Hosting and our ColdFusion MX hosting plans. Learn More