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Will Pro-web transfer my domain name?
Previously, we were able to initiate domain transfers for customers registering domains through Network Solutions. However, earlier this year Network Solutions changed their verification process and now a Username and Password are necessary to initiate any changes to a Network Solutions domain (if you have not received your Username or Password, you may want to contact Network Solutions at your earliest convenience). Generally, transferring a domain is a painless process as most Registrars have some Domain Management feature available to customers. If you are unsure of the exact process, contact your Registrar's Support team or take a look at their online documentation.

Will I see any downtime if I get my domain transferred?
Not necessarily. Domain transfers usually take a couple of days to complete (somewhere between 24 to 72 hours). During the transfer process, whereas some end users may be visiting your site at its new location, others may still be receiving old information and are being routed to your previous host (as long as your files are still active on their servers). Therefore, it is best to stay with your old hosting provider until the domain has been properly transferred and is pointing to Pro-Web's servers.

What are the steps I should follow when transferring my site to Pro-Web that will minimize the potential for downtime to my site and my email?

  1. First of all, you'll want to sign up for a hosting Plan with us. Sign ups are handled via this website, simply click on the "Order Now" menu item above. It takes us about an hour to get sites set up on our network, to assign the IP to your domain, to create the initial Email Admin Username and Primary Username, etc.
  2. Once your site is provisioned on our servers, you will receive two emails: one that gives you a recap of the information created, your static IP address, our DNS information, etc, while the second is a "Getting Started with Pro-Web " email that points you to our Knowledge Base for answers to several of the most commonly asked questions about our services and how to go about getting your site up and running with us.
  3. After you get the Website Ready Email, you can upload your files to the IP address we assign to you, log in to the mail server and create any email addresses you need, transfer your database to us, and whatever else you need to do to get your entire site over to Pro-Web. You'll then want to test your site usign your IP to make sure everything works prior to actually contacting the registrar and pointing the domain to our network.
  4. Once you've done the above, go to your domain registrar (, Network Solutions,, etc.) and request a domain transfer. You will basically log in to a domain management feature and delete the DNS assigned to your domain and add our DNS information. This change of information will take approximately 72 hours to propagate and change throughout the web.
  5. While the propagation is taking effect, you will have basically 2 sites available and active: the one at your old host, and the one on our servers. This will minimize any lost traffic and/or emails. In order to receive mail from both locations however, you will have to set up 2 profiles in your email client, one drawing email from your old host and one drawing email from us. You could also simply use the web mail interface to get the email that is sent to our servers versus creating a second profile in your email client.
  6. After the appropriate propagation time (at least 72 hours after the domain transfer is requested, and preferably 96 hours or more, just to be safe), you can go and cancel the hosting account you have at your previous host as everything should now be coming to our servers.
That is the way things are normally handled. You can do things a bit differently, but this is the way that the majority of people do things to minimize any loss of traffic.

If you have any other questions about the steps above, please feel free to contact our Support Department.

What if I want to buy a site but don't want to transfer my domain?
You do not have to transfer your domain. When you order the site, right next to the box where you type in your domain name is a box titled "New/Transfer Domain:". Simply select "Transfer - I will transfer my domain" and we will not do anything to transfer the domain to our Nameservers. You may then transfer your domain name whenever you like.

What if I only want an IP site (no domain)?
When going through the Order Form, you have the ability to select an "IP Only" hosting plan. This will give you an IP address, but will not associate your domain with that IP within our network. In the future, if you need a domain associated with the IP, you will need to submit a "Change Plan Request" from within our Control Center.

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