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Battery Backup
The datacenter is fed from multiple grids through loop-fed transformers and diverse entry vaults with 2 x 3,000 Amp (480v) A/C feeds. uses top-of-the-line UPS systems for protection against power spikes and outages. If power is ever lost, the datacenter is backed by on-site back-up power generation from dual 1.5MVA diesel generators with 80,000 gallon diesel reserves

Network Infrastructure
The network is built upon a 22 GIGABIT fiber optic backbone and is broken down into segments to eliminate data saturation. By creating segments, We can drastically reduce any delays from server to server operations. For example, a website hits a SQL server that resides on the same fiber-connected segment making for faster and cleaner data transfer. Cisco is the vendor of choice for all switching and routing equipment on the the network

Housed within an industrial-grade, blast-resistant concrete structure, the Network Services Tier 4 2N+2 datacenter facility conforms to the strictest physical security standards. Security measures include state-of-the-art biometric, physical and other access control devices, manned 24/7/365 security and video surveillance. For enhanced protection, the facility features advanced fire detection and suppression which includes state-of-the-art pre-action fire protection and life safety systems. The datacenter utilizes a temperature and particulate controlled environment with Liebert HVAC units, arranged in redundant paths with 18 foot ceiling heights for superior heat loss and airflow.

Network Redundancy
Having backup systems in place is critical in the web hosting industry. The system utilizes hot and cold standbys for all network equipment, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide uninterrupted connections for all servers and all customers. The Cisco switches utilized even have internal redundancy, so the hot and cold standbys are built into the hardware itself. With one at the head of the network, as well as a separate failover, provides the network with quadruple redundancy. From network connectivity to service providers, the entire network is thus covered.

Connections to the Internet
The speed of which your site displays lies most importantly on the Internet connections of your provider. follows this same methodology to provide the highest level of service for hosting your site by using only Tier 1 providers that cover 95% of the Internet. By covering such a significant amount of the Internet, you and your customers in 95% of the places you log in will not cross other networks to reach your site. Carriers of choice include Qwest Communications and 120Connect (Cox, Wintel).

The Sterling Network Services facility provides with GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) connections to the internet and provides access to almost 40 different Internet carriers, including over 20 different fiber providers, for a superior level of thru-put and adequate failure protection.